Picture it - your kid's face on your Visa card!

Lubbock National Bank PictureCard

Terms of Use

As a current customer of Lubbock National Bank with an existing checking account and Visa Debit Card, the terms and conditions stated under the Member and Account Agreement, and the Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement, remain in effect for the Picture Card.

If you are not a current customer of Lubbock National Bank and wish to join, or if you do not have a checking account or Visa Debit Card, then please contact Lubbock National Bank at 1-888-607-4277.

Your Lubbock National Bank Picture Card will work and function like a regular debit card and will be accepted wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. Please refer to our website for a listing of our no-fee ATMs.

Lubbock National Bank reserves the right to reject any submitted picture. Examples of photographs which will be excluded, but not limited to, are:

By applying for the Lubbock National Bank Picture Card, you give Lubbock National Bank permission to use the photograph on the card and agree to indemnify and hold Lubbock National Bank harmless from and against any loss, damages, liability or costs incurred by or asserted against Lubbock National Bank caused directly or indirectly by the use of the photograph.


For security purposes, you will be asked to surrender your old card and we will destroy it, as your new card will be activated upon your receipt. Unfortunately, your new card number will require you to contact vendors that you have automatic payments set up with to update your new card information. The good news is that once you receive your first PictureCard you will not have to replace the card number to get a new design unless it is lost, stolen or compromised.